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About Us
The Building Department issues permits for a variety of building codes. The Caribou County Building Code is the current standards to establish compliance for structural, mechanical, life safety, and accessibility. Our Building Inspector reviews construction drawings for code compliance and performs on-site inspections. This process conforms that buildings and structures in Caribou County are sound and incompliance with County Standards, Idaho Building Codes, and International Building Codes. Please note, if you will be utilizing an individual septic system you will need an approved septic permit from the Southeast Idaho Public Health Department attached with your application. If the approved permit is not attached with the application, application will not be reviewed until provided. 

Before you build
There are a few things you will need to accomplish before a building permit can be submitted for review. Please review the Caribou County Building Checklist

County Buildign standards
Structural Requirements for all buildings:
1) Frost Depth: Design Criteria must be 36 inches from the bottom of the footings.
2) Roof Snow Load: Must have a minimum capacity of 60 pounds per square foot (psf).
3) Ground Snow Load: Must have a minimum capacity of 87 pounds per square foot (psf).
4) Wind Load: Structure design to withstand 115 miles per house (mph) winds and sustain up to three (3) second gusts.
5) Seismic Support: D1 Seismic Zone. 

Whe do i request insdp
Inspections need to be requested 48 business hours before your inspection is needed and before 2:30 PM via phone and before midnight via email request. This assures that the inspection will be on the list. 

Plubiming hvac
Our County Building Inspectors does not permit or inspect electrical, HVAC, or plumbing. You are required to apply for permits through Idaho Division of Building Safety. 

Can I begin work
You are able to perform dirt work before the application is approved. All other work requires an approved and paid permit to begin. 

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