Volunteer EMTs Needed - Training Provided

What if you called 911 and no one came?

Caribou County EMS is looking for individuals in our communities who are willing to become Volunteer EMTs.  Currently, an Ambulance is stationed in each city to cover calls in the area and all ambulances are operating dangerously understaffed to the point of barely being able to cover emergency calls. An EMT class will be held starting on February 15th and continuing into June. Coursework will be online based and classroom portions being held on Tuesday nights. After completion of the course, EMTs are expected to take call time where they would need to be available to respond to Emergency Calls and Transfers. An application to apply is available here.  For any further questions the office can be reached at 208-547-2583. Applications can be turned in at the EMS Building, 40 W Center, Soda Springs, ID 83276 or emailed to Eric Hobson at ehobson@co.caribou.id.us .