What is a Comprehensive Plan?

The  Comprehensive Plan (Plan) is a document guiding the future development of the county, based on stated long-term goals of the county. The Plan is the result of public input, study and analysis of existing physical, economic, environmental and social conditions and a projection of what future conditions are likely to be. The Plan addresses the following components as required by the Local Planning Act which is the Idaho State enabling legislation for planning:
  • Property Rights
  • Agriculture
  • Economic Development
  • Land Use, Community Design and Housing and Population
  • Natural Resources, Hazardous Areas, Recreation, Open Space and Special Areas & Sites
  • Public Services, Facilities, Utilities, & Schools
  • Transportation, Roads, Bridges, Airport, Transit
This Plan serves as a guide for making land use changes, preparation of implementing ordinances (zoning, platting), preparation of budget programs and the rate, timing and location of future growth. The purpose of this Plan is to promote the orderly development of the county; to conserve and stabilize the value of property; and otherwise promote the public health, safety and general welfare of the county.