Emergency Services

Caribou County's EMS Director is Eric Hobson and the Fire Chief for Caribou County is Brad Hemmert.

There is a fire station located in Soda Springs which covers all unincorporated areas of Caribou County. The Bailey Creek Fire District provides services for the Bailey Creek Subdivision. Freedom area is provided fire services through the Freedom Fire District, which contracts with the city of Thayne, Wyoming to provide this service. In addition to this, all municipalities including Bancroft, Grace and Soda Springs provide their own fire services through volunteer departments. There are mutual aid agreements with the cities of Bancroft and Grace.

There are 13 volunteer fire fighters for the County's fire station in Soda Springs. The county has two engines for structural fires, seven wildland response vehicles and two water transport apparatuses which respectively hold 2,000 and 4,000 gallons of water. 

There are three ambulance stations in the County located in Bancroft, Grace and Soda Springs. These three stations provide EMS for the entirety of the County. There is a mutual aid agreement with Star Valley EMS to administer services to the Crow Creek, Auburn and Freedom areas of the County. The County has six response ambulances and one rescue truck which includes an extrication unit. There are 32 volunteer EMTs. 

These emergency services for fire and ambulance are provided by trained and certified citizen volunteers in the County.