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The Planning and Zoning Department implements zoning standards throughout unincorporated land within the county.  They also work to plan for Caribou County's future by creating the Comprehensive Plan and working with other agencies on various long range growth projects. Our department assists with the submittal requirements for applications, a
ccepts all applications submitted to Development Services, completes Public Records Requests, and reviews building permits prior to submittal to the county Building Inspector.

What is a short-term rental? A dwelling unit (house, apartment, townhome, cabin, etc.), or any portion thereof, which is offered for a fee for the purpose of overnight lodging for a period of thirty (30) days or less. 
Wanting to operate a short-term rental in Caribou County? All short-Term Rentals with the occupancy of 12 persons or less are required to apply for a Administrative Permit. Short-Term Rentals with 12 persons or more are required to apply for a Conditional Use Permit
How is occupancy determined? Occupancy is determined by bathrooms. Each bathroom in the short-term rental accounts for 4 occupants. For example, a short-term rental has two bathrooms, your occupancy limit is 8 persons. 

Zoning Permits
The Planning and Zoning Department handles all applications pertaining to zoning. These applications include: Conditional Use Permits, Consolidation of Lots, Plat Vacations Applications, Subdivisions Application, Variance Applications, and Zone Amendments. Applications and fee's are due by the first of the month. Each of these applications required two public hearings. The first public hearing will be with the Planning & Zoning Commissioner, where they will make a recommendation of approval/denial. The second and final will be with the County Commissioners. This one will be the final approval/denial. Applications with unpaid fee's will not be presented at public hearings until the fee's are paid. 

The Planning and Zoning Commission deals with a broad array of issues such as making recommendations and decisions on land use applications, dealing with the long-term issues of planning for the future growth and development of the community, and responding to the challenges of the moment in addition to proactively preparing for the future.

Commission Meeting Information:
First Thursday of every month.
Winter Start Time: January - April 6:00 PM
Summer Start Time: May - October 7:00 PM
Winter Start Time: November - December 6:00 PM
Caribou County Courthouse
159 South Main Street
Soda Springs, Idaho 83276
Who is on the Commissions:
Blair Rindlisbaker, Chairman
Adam Hulse, Co-Chairman
Becky Jorgenson
Noel Cole
Dow Barker

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