Short-Term Rentals

What is a Short-Term Rental (STR)?  A Short-Term Rental is considered overnight lodging for a period of thirty (30) days or less. Some may know them as AirBnB's.

Why have a code regarding Short-Term Rentals?
This code was adopted to protect the public health, safety, and general welfare of the landowners, surrounding landowners, and the County. 

What was the process before this new code?
Property owners who were and wanting to operate a STR were required to apply for a onetime Conditional Use Permit. This permit allows property owners to utilize their land other than the intended purpose. A Conditional Use Permit requires the applications to be published in the local newspaper and two public hearings. The first public hearing is with the County Planning and Zoning Commission and the second with the Caribou County Commissioners. At each public hearing it would require an approval or denial. If the STR was in operation before May 2019, the STR was considered “Grandfathered” and were not required to apply for a Conditional Use Permit.

What is the process with the new code?
Property owners who are and/or wanting to operate a STR are required to submit an annual Administration Application to the Planning and Zoning Administrator to receive a permit to operate their STR. When the application is submitted, a notice will be sent to the surrounding property owners within 300 feet of the STR. No currently operating STR will be considered “Grandfathered”. This means, all currently operating STR are required to submit an application in order to be compliant with Caribou County Code. 

How to Apply? 
Before submitting your Short-Term Rental Application, please review Caribou County Code 13.65 Short-Term Rental. Once you have reviewed the code, please complete the Short-Term Rental Application and attach the required documentation.  Property Owners are able to apply in two ways:
Email: Please submit your complete application to 
In Person: Please submit your complete application to Nellie Askew, at the Caribou County Courthouse. Located at 159 South Main Street, Room 105, Soda Springs Idaho.

I am here to help with any questions you may have during the application process or questions you may have regarding the code. Please do not hesitate to reach out. I am available by phone at (208) 547-1780, by email at, or in person.