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Q: When are Property Taxes due?

A:   Property taxes are due each year on or before December 20th*.  If you choose to pay in two installments, the first half is due on or before December 20th* with the second half due on or before June 20th* of the following year. 

Subsequent billings may also be mailed in the event of a correction or late addition to the tax roll.  If a structure is completed mid-year or a personal property declaration is not received when due, a subsequent billing may result.

*If the 20th falls on a weekend, the due date is extended to the first business day following the 20th.

Q: How and Where do I pay my taxes? 

A:  Pay by Mail:
Make sure your envelope is U.S. postmarked on or before the due date.  If mailing close to the deadline, we strongly suggest that you have your envelope postmarked at the postal counter rather than dropping it in the box, to be sure it is properly dated.  Only payments with a USPS postmark on or before the due date will be accepted as current.  Please send the bill stub with your payment to help us process your taxes efficiently. 

Pay in Person:
At the Treasurer's Office, 159 South Main Street, Soda Springs, Idaho. The office hours are 9:00-5:00, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays. We accept checks, cashier's checks, money orders, cash and credit/debit cards.

Pay by Internet or Phone:

Credit Card Payment Options:

  1. By calling the Treasurer's office (have your bill information available)    
  2. At the Treasurer's Office in person
  4. Toll free Interactive Voice Response system: 1-866-923-6535
    You will need to have your bill available for the following information:  
  • Parcel Number and Bill Number
  • Amount
  • Tax Year 

If you are paying on a delinquent account, please call our office for the correct total at (208) 547-3726.

Credit card payment services are provided by a private vendor, and the convenience fee (2.95%) associated with the transaction are paid by the taxpayerYou will receive a confirmation number indicating that your transaction is complete.


Q: Can I make partial payments or get a head start on future years taxes?

APartial payments toward real property delinquent taxes are accepted (any amount, any time) and are applied to tax, costs, interest and late charge in the proportion each bears to the total amount due.

Partial payments can be applied toward current year or future taxes on all property types. Any remaining balance may be paid according to the standard schedules and regulations for property tax collection.

Once any part of a personal property or manufactured home tax becomes delinquent, the unpaid portion of the entire tax shall immediately become due and payable. 

Q: What if my payment is late?

A:  A late charge equal to 2% of any unpaid portion ofthe first half of the tax is added at 5:00 p.m. on the due date. Interest accrues daily, at 1% per month, beginning January 1st of the year following the December 20th first half due date. 

When any portion of a manufactured home or personal property tax becomes delinquent, a Warrant of Distraint is issued to the County Sheriff for collection. Full payment of all tax, late charge, warrant fees and interest is required to release the warrant.

Q: I received TWO bills but I only have one property. Why?

A:  If your new home was completed mid-year and assessed after April, you may receive a "Subsequent/Occupancy" in addition to the "Real Property" billing issued in November, which represents tax on the land. When the home is completed and occupied, the home value is prorated and taxes billed on a "Subsequent/Occupancy" tax roll. 

Subsequent bills are late entries to the tax roll, and may not be coded for billing directly to your mortgage company.  If your mortgage company will be paying the bill, please forward it to them immediately. 

If you own a business, you may receive a real property tax bill for the land and buildings and a business personal property tax bill on furniture, fixtures and equipment used in your business. 

If you own a manufactured home and the land it sits on, you will receive separate bills for the home and the land, unless you have declared your mobile home Real Property.  Forms are available in the Assessor's Office. 

Q: Will I be sent any OTHER NOTICES? 

A:  If you pay half of your tax by December 20th, and your lender does not request the bill, a second half reminder notice will be mailed in May.  Delinquent notices are mailed in January and July on Personal Property and Mobile Homes with delinquent balances. 

Failure to receive a bill does not excuse the taxpayer from paying taxes, late charge & interest accrued, if any. 

Q: How can I get HELP with my taxes?

A:  Property tax relief is available through the Homeowner's exemption, State Circuit Breaker Program and the Hardship exemption.  You must apply for Homeowner's Exemptions and/or Circuit Breaker benefits with the Assessor's office before April 15

The Homeowner's Exemption reduces the taxable value of your primary residence by one-half of the value of the dwelling and up to one acre, to a maximum of $104,471.  You only need to apply for the Homeowner's Exemption the first year you own and occupy a home. 

The Circuit Breaker is an income-based benefit for individuals 65+, disabled or widowed at any age, blind, fatherless or motherless children under 18 years of age, former prisoner of war/hostage, veteran with a 10%+ service-connected disability or a veteran receiving a VA pension for a nonservice-connected disability. 

If you qualify, the State of Idaho pays all or part of the property taxes on your primary residence and up to one acre of land.  The benefit is calculated based on a sliding scale according to your income. Application must be received by April 15th of each year.  Contact the Caribou County Assessor at (208) 547-4749 for more information.

Hardship Exemptions (63-711) for prior year taxes, are considered on a case-by-case basis and granted at the discretion of the Idaho County Commissioners at public hearing, based upon the financial status of the applicant and other related circumstances.  The property owner can apply at any time of the year at Commissioner's Office. 

Exceptional Exemptions (63-602 AA) for current year taxes (which will not be billed until the end of the current calendar year), are granted on a case-by case basis, at the discretion of the Board of Equalization at public hearing, based upon the financial status of the applicant and other related circumstances. 

Q: My MORTGAGE COMPANY should pay this tax. Why did you send me a bill?

A: Just prior to our billing, the mortgage companies notify us of the tax parcels they expect to pay.  The mortgage company receives a billing for each of their coded accounts and the property owner is sent a copy.  Please verify that the mortgage company requesting your bill is the company that currently services your mortgage.  If the payment is not mailed prior to the due date, late charge and interest will be added. 

Q:  How do I challenge the amount of my tax if it seems TOO HIGH? 

A: You may challenge the taxable value of your property only during the month after you receive your assessment notice.  Assessment notices are mailed on or before the 1st Monday of June of each year and the appeal must be received by Commissioner's office by the 4th Monday of June. If you did not appeal the current year value in June, you must wait until the next year to appeal the assessed value. 

If you feel that the levy of a taxing district is too high or you wonder what the levy pays for, call the district directly.  You can have input regarding the annual levy rate of a taxing district by participation in the annual budget hearing of the districts.

Q: What is the notice I received from the Assessor & how does it relate to taxes?

A:  Assessment notices are issued to inform you of the value of the property and/or improvements. Pay close attention to the assessment notice, as the value listed will be used in calculating your tax bill in November.  

Appeals must be filed immediately upon receipt of the assessment notice. The appeal period closes after the 4th Monday of June of each year
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